Exterior Detailing

Often overlooked are the crucial steps of washing, decontaminating, and readiness of the exterior. Here at My Pro Detailer all projects begin with a solid foundation starting with the wash.

Interior Detailing

Has your vehicle's interior gotten to the point were it feels like you're at a National Park with all the scented Trees in it? No worries, we will find the source of the problem, eliminate it and restore the rest to its glory.


Headlight Restoration, Scratches, Orange peel, Paint Corrections, Ozone treatment and much more. All while saving 100's if not 1000's.

My Pro Detailer

Is a Full interior exterior detailing shop that caters to all. Whether you have a Boat, Car, Motorcycle, RV and or Truck, we'll gladly restore it to like new or show condition. Your trust in us is our incentive for perfection every time.

The auto detailing business(doll up/car cleaning) is an ever evolving one. At My Pro Detailer we understand this and make every effort to stay up to date with products, procedures and equipment. Sparing no expense on delivering top quality workmanship.

My Pro Detailer of Rochester has grown dramatically due in part to its thrive for perfection. Our repeated customers know that they are getting top quality results. To our new customers they can expect nothing but the best. "Correct-Shine-Protect!"

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