Headlight Restoration Just $59.99(EA)est. 2-3hrs

Our system saves you hundreds on replacements and gives you a piece of mind knowing that we guarantee them for as long as you own your vehicle. Night visibility will increase and appearance will improve as well. A necessity for personal or selling vehicles.*Non-Transferable* *Plus Tax*

Scratch Removal Starting @75.00(1" to 3") 10.00+tax every inch after. If 10 inches or multiple scratches an estimate will be given.

All scratches are different and require an estimate. It is our goal to provide you with an accurate outcome, thus the reason for an estimate. Unfortunately not  all scratches can be rectified. If they can it will save you hundreds and or thousands in repainting. *Plus Tax*

Wet Sanding  2 to 3 hrs Per Panel. Cars Starting @$125.00 per panel. Trucks/SUV starting @$150.00 per panel. *Plus Tax*

Wet Sanding- (The Process)

  • 1) Orange Peel Removal
  • 2) Light/Moderate Scratch Removal
  • 3) Holograms, Spider webs & other repairable paint imperfection removal
  • 5) Compound
  • 6) Polish
  • 7)Wax/Sealant
  • *Note* It is highly recommended after this process to add either a Paint Protection Film(PPF), Ceramic Coating or both to fully Protect your investment for years to come.

Extra services

Paint Correction- All of our Paint Corrections include a Full Professional Exterior Detail topped off with a 6 Month rated Sealant. Need longer protection? Ask us about adding a 5yr guaranteed Ceramic Coating. All of our Coatings are Carfax reported at no additional cost.

CARS 2 door coupe(additional cost for 4 door sedan)

Single Stage Polish $449+

2 Stage Compound-Polish $675+

3 Stage Wet Sand-Heavy Compound-Polish starting @$1175+



Single Stage Polish $675+

2 Stage Compound-Polish $925+

3 Stage Wet Sand-Heavy Compound-Polish starting @$1375+



Single Stage Polish $799+

2 Stage Compound-Polish $1199+

3 Stage Wet Sand-Heavy Compound-Polish starting @$1675+

(ET 1-3 days)– Each of this stages are meant to remove surface imperfections. And are crucial prior to installing a Ceramic Coating and or Paint Protection Film(PPF). All packages include a Wax/Sealant combo for protection. *All prices are subject to taxes*

Boat Detailing

Wash + Wax starting at $24 per Linear foot(non oxidized boats)

Interior Only starting at $18 per Linear foot 

Wash + Wax & Interior starting at $35 per Linear foot(non oxidized boats)

Paint Correction starting at $75 per linear foot

Pontoon Acid wash & Descaling starting at $800

Pontoon Sanding & Polish to mirror finish starting at $1800

NOTE- Prices will vary depending on condition of boat, type of boat & whether it has a double deck or its a tritoon. Prices are subject to tax


Ceramic Coating (By Estimate Only 3 to 5 days turnaround time ) -An extra added protection to your paint. It is a labor intensive process that requires full body restoration. The outcome is an incredibly shine with added armor against many elements. Protect your investment.

NOTE: Compounding/Polishing is a form of sanding (in liquid form) that will remove minor to moderate imperfections/scratches. Wax contains no abrasion and will not remove any scratches and or surface imperfections.

Paint Correction
MB Scratch Door
Cadillac Hit and Run


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