Transparent Warranty “PDR”




Minor dents and dings are often caused by unforeseen, irritating circumstances such as coming out of a store to find your car door has been hit. Insurance claims for these mishaps can lead to a deductible payment, out of pocket expenses and higher monthly rates even if it was not your fault. Our PDR Protection provides customers peace of mind when dealing with these annoying situations by covering the repairs of dents and dings, restoring your vehicle to its prior condition. Owners no longer have to worry about dents and dings ruining the appearance of their vehicles.



    • Unlimited repairs up to $1000
    • Covers the repairs of minor dents or dings smaller than 4 inches on exterior, painted, sheet metal panels
    • State of the art dent repair methods
    • Rental car reimbursement for up to 3 days 
    • Available on new and used cars

Contact a Transparent Warranty Specialist at My Pro Detailer of Rochester LLC (585) 415-7850.




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